This fantastically designed crusher makes light work of preparing fruits for pressing in your fruit press. The simple yet effective design of the crusher features a pair of ridged rollers with claws (cutting knives made from acid-resistant alloy is the correct terminology) that grab the fruit driven by an enamel coated hand wheel. The crusher is designed to do around 350 to 500 kilos of fruit per hour and weighs 15 kilos. Hard fruit still needs to be chopped before it goes through the crushing process even with these sharp knives!

The crusher (made of stainless steel) is supported by a painted steel frame, and can either be sat on top of the larger press (10litre cross beam) although I prefer to sit it on top of a bucket to collect the pulped fruit. The simple design means the crusher is easy to clean and only need a quick rinse down after use.

This crusher is more suited to hard fruits (apples, pears etc.) than soft fruits. All stones need to be removed first.